Love Addict

A womanizing attorney is unable to have sex after a hypnotherapy session to quit smoking goes awry and he seeks help from one of his clients, an uptight psychiatrist, who teaches him that there is more to women than just sex.


Perfect Piece

A private detective is hired to track down a missing casanova and ends up falling head-­over-­heels for him.


Adieu marx

Rupert, an unemployed Cambridge graduate, runs an anarchist commune in a house in East London where Steve, a homeless medical graduate, ends up renting a room. Five guys. One House. Anarchy Rules.


Shakespeare's Diaries

Doctor Crispin Shakespeare is bored by his life until he is called upon to take care of an injured construction worker. When Crispin attempts to rescue his patient, he stumbles across what are believed to be the diaries of William Shakespeare.


Divine Feminine

The impact of trauma and healing on the lives of women is explored from both an individual and social perspective through the stories of seven different women participating in a new-age spiritual healing program.


Art of Love

A young woman’s personal journey through her blossoming career as an artist, dealing with sexual harassment; failing in love; finding her lover is jealous of her success; and wondering what is so great about art and love after all?

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Copyright © 2021 Charis Orchard

Copyright © 2021 Charis Orchard
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Designed with ❤ by RenegadeIT

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